Product Description

Protein Hyderolysate is obtained by enzymatic digestion of milk or Soya meal or fish protein. It contains range of nutrients like free amino acids. It is unique natural combination of 18 essential Amino Acids. These are easily absorbed in plant systems. Amino acids are available as solid spray dried powder or liquid solution. This powder if fully soluble in water and can be dissolved in water to prepare formulation of required concentration. These amino acids are used as plant growth boosters in agriculture.

Use of amino acids in essential quantities is a known method to increase crop yield and quality. Even though plants have the inherent capacity to biosynthesize all of the amino acids that they require from nitrogen, carbon oxygen and hydrogen, the biochemical process is quite complex and energy consuming. As such, the application of amino acids allow the plant to save energy on this process, which can be dedicated to better plant development during critical growth stages.

  • Improve absorption through the roots.
  • Increase crop resistance to adverse condition ( drought, frost, salinity, hail, disease).
  • Improve flavour, color, firmness and preservation of fruit.
  • Help the plant to produce its own protein easier, saving energy required to produce amino acids.

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